Investing time and money to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses

What We Do


We partner with entrepreneurs by offering investment of time and money to support their business and personal goals.


We are open to minority or majority investment positions, and our investors do not have a defined time horizon requirement. This allows us to view every investment as a unique partnership.


We know how difficult it is to manage a small, growing business, so we work to help our partners by rolling up our sleeves and spending time helping. Whether that’s launching a new digital marketing channel or building an inside sales team, we want our entrepreneurs to feel supported financially and operationally.


Upside brings strategy, finance, digital marketing, branding, and salesforce development skill sets to bear, enabling growth and allowing our entrepreneurs to focus on the things they do best. Beyond this, our investors and advisors have broad industry experience on offer to help our businesses.



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What We Believe

Time adds value

We do more than just financing. We want to roll up our sleeves, get to know our partners, and help do the actual work of scaling the business.

Mature businesses can grow

For us, it’s not just about flashy new ventures. We believe there are growth opportunities for businesses of all kinds, even in slower growth industries.

Flexibility is key

We aren’t commited to any specific timeline or return profile for our investments. If we need to play the long, slow game, we will happily do that.

Who We Are


Erik Stiller

After graduating from Princeton with a degree in Economics, Erik started his career as a professional baseball player in the Cleveland Indians system. He then worked as a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group in London and Houston. While pursuing his MBA at Wharton, Erik led our operational support for The Beaufort Bonnet Company, helping build their direct-to-consumer platform, which drove the majority if the company’s 70x growth over the lifetime of the investment. He offers strategy support, software development, digital marketing, and four-seam fastball skills to our partner companies.

Investors & Advisors

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with a broad set of investors, who are happy to serve as advisors to our partner companies. They bring experience in financial management, customer operations, legal support, saleforce development, and M&A. 

Check back soon for detailed profiles and contact information.



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If you’re interested in starting a conversation about how we might help your business, or if you’d like to know more about how to join us as an investor/advisor, complete the form below and we’ll reach out to schedule a call.