we help small companies grow

Investing TIME + MONEY to help entrpereneurs achieve thier goals.

We Help Companies Grow

Investing TIME + MONEY to help entreprenurs achieve their goals

What we believe

Tech startups aren’t the only small businesses with growth potential. We believe that strong partnerships and investments of TIME+MONEY can add tremendous value for our entrepreneurs and our investors.

Growth Drives Value

Every business has growth potential. And when companies grow, good things happen. Customers benefit from strong products and services. Employees are energized by new opportunities. And owners can focus their time on things that matter to them – whether that’s their business or personal goals.

Small Companies Are underserved

Lots of fantastic companies get ignored by institutional investors because of their size. Most investors are either looking for the next Google or for companies with more than $1M in profit. Moreover, banks demand personal guarantees and use covenant that restrict growth potential. We want to help entrepreneurs by bring capital and expertise into exactly those situations.

One Person Can't Do It All

We’ve run small businesses, and we know what it’s like to feel pulled in a million different directions. Entrepreneurs are great at many things, but they often don’t have the time or know-how to do everything required to grow. That’s why they hire great people, and that’s why we believe our investment of TIME+MONEY is way more valuable that a pure financial interest. We roll up our sleeves with you to get things done.

Trends Are In Our Favor

Now more than ever, small businesses can compete in big markets. They can employ remote workers, target customers with pinpoint precision via digital marketing, and use world class technology tools at a reasonable price. These trends are expanding the world of possibilities for every small business, not just for the tech darlings of Silicon Valley.

We Believe in Small Business.

We Believe in the Upside.


Founders who are deeply familiar with and passionate about serving their customers’ needs. They know their market and their product better than anyone.


We are open to hearing from any business, but we have a special place in our hearts for business services, software platforms, and e-commerce since that’s where we’ve focused in the past.


Anywhere in the U.S., as long as there is an airport within 3 hours :).


Founders who are deeply familiar with and passionate about serving their customers’ needs. They know their market and their product better than anyone.

Deal Structure

We are FLEXIBLE. We’ll do minority positions or control buyouts. It just depends on our partners’ goals and needs.


We are FLEXIBLE on this too. We don’t have a 4 to 7-year fund horizon like a lot of institution investors. And we don’t have a defined exit requirement. If we need to play the long game, and if our partners prefer a focus on cash flow over selling the business, we’re with them!

Our Experience

We bring to the table a broad set of expertise and a willingness to roll up our sleeves to support our partners. We also have a network of investors who serve as advisors in their area of expertise.

Erik Stiller, Principal

Erik led our operational involvement in our investment in The Beaufort Bonnet Company. He helped build out the direct-to-consumer platform (website, digital marketing and strategy), which contributed to 70x growth during our involvement with the company.

Erik has previously worked for The Boston Consulting Group and Google, and he spent five years as a professional baseball player in the Cleveland Indians and Houston Astros systems. He holds a BA from Princeton in Economics and Finance and an MBA from The Wharton School, where he focused on Entrepreneurial Management.


Rick Apple, Investor


Companies We’ve Invested In

Want to talk?

Business Owners: we’d love to chat with you about your business and how we might help you achieve your goals.

Investors: let us know if you’d like to partner with us as we seek to help great businesses grow.